Brazilian wax in Thornbury provided in an intimate and professional setting

The beach holiday you planned six months ago is finally here! With all the time spent planning, you feel prepped and ready to go. Your neighbour is feeding your cat and watering your plants. You’ve made sure to see the dentist and get your flu shot. No unexpected health incidents on this trip. 

You’re so excited about the beachy wardrobe you’ve put together. From your new maxi dress to your perfect biking shorts and that cute little beach hat you found last week, you are set. 

Set, except for one thing. As you try on your new bathing suit one last time before you pack it, you realise it’s a “thing” you probably shouldn’t avoid an intimate wax. You have never had a Brazilian wax, and you feel a bit intimidated and even self-conscious. 

Relax and call on Honey Wax and Tan for an intimate and professional Brazilian wax in Thornbury. You will love your smooth skin, and you will be surprised at how quickly and comfortably our specialist can provide this service.

A Brazilian wax in Thornbury will leave you bikini and beach ready with confidence. Our beauty therapist is trained, certified and practises in a lovely, inviting setting.  

You've worked hard to save and plan for this well-deserved holiday. You have endured faithful workouts these last six months so that you’d look great in your bikini. A Brazilian wax in Thornbury will leave you feeling even more beautiful in your new bathing suit!

So call us today for expert and hygienic beauty therapy for all your needs – including the more intimate. We are also available weekends and after hours by appointment. 

We want you to enjoy your holiday and your new vacation wardrobe – especially that cute new bikini! 

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