Professional Eyebrow Waxing Near Fitzroy at Honey Wax and Tan in Northcote, Victoria

There are certain beauty services that many women simply can’t do on their own. Tanning, for instance, is better handled by professionals, while eyebrow waxing near Fitzroy should never be attempted at home. When working with skin as sensitive as the eye area and shaping such an important feature, you always want to ensure you turn to a certified beautician.

While there are many eyebrow waxing salons near Fitzroy, not all these salons are the same. If you'd like to find a luxurious, professional, yet affordable beauty salon near your Fitzroy home, visit Honey Wax and Tan in Northcote.

At Honey Wax and Tan, we provide a completely hygienic and safe environment for your beauty needs. We offer body waxing, spray tanning, and even eyelash extensions. Our team members are experienced and qualified and provide the best customer service you can find. We also make sure we only use the safest and best products in our salon. Why? We feel that our results are only as good as the products we use and the professionals who perform the services. Great products and equally good beauticians deliver top notch results.

When it comes to your eyebrows, you don’t want to waste your time on low end, inconsistent salons with questionable results. Instead, turn to our professional team members at Honey Wax and Tan. Learn more by calling us on 0402 848 262.


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