Get Eyelash Extensions at Honey Wax and Tan near Thornbury

As women all across Australia look to minimise their makeup routines, mascara is generally difficult to cut out entirely. Most women don’t possess naturally full, long, or dark eyelashes, so mascara becomes their go to makeup item of choice. However, many times the makeup women put on their eyes is full of chemicals and other questionable materials. Plus, think about how much time it takes to get your eyelashes looking long and natural.

Don’t worry – there is another, much simpler option – eyelash extensions near Thornbury. Eyelash extensions have become more popular as women begin turning to easier techniques to help them achieve the makeup look they want while saving them time in the morning.

Not all eyelash extensions in Thornbury are the same, though. If you're looking to have these extensions attached to your eyelashes, you'll want to find a highly rated professional salon. Not sure where to turn? Talk to the professionals at Honey Wax and Tan.

Our certified beauticians will make your eyelashes pop by applying natural looking, synthetic hair to your eyelashes. We apply our extensions individually for the most natural, realistic looking eyebrows around. When we’re finished, you won’t even need mascara!

Cut out the long makeup routine and spend your mornings doing what really matters most to you. Do you have questions? We're happy to help! Give us a call on 0402 848 262, and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you.


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