Why You’ll Love Your Full Body Spray Tan in Thornbury, Brunswick, or Fitzroy

When the weather warms up, and summertime finally makes an appearance, many people enjoy having a golden glow to show off in their lighter summer clothes. Having radiant, bronzed skin can give you that confidence boost you need as well as a youthful, healthy look. However, even if you love sporting a tan, you’re surely aware of the dangers of excessive sun exposure. A natural tan may be gorgeous, but it just isn’t worth risking your health. If you’re dying for a tan, there’s good news. A full body spray tan in Thornbury, Brunswick, or Fitzroy can give you the sun-kissed look you want without damaging your beautiful skin. Here’s why you’ll love your spray tan.

You’ll avoid dangerous UV rays

You are most likely aware that a suntan comes with serious side effects that can last for years. UV exposure from the sun or even tanning beds elevates your risk of developing skin cancer significantly. Although the sun is a good source of vitamin D, you don’t have to spend very long outdoors each day to get enough – and you can also get plenty of this important vitamin from food sources and supplements. Also, keep in mind that UV exposure (whether from the sun or a tanning bed) not only puts you at risk for skin cancer, but it also ages you prematurely. To prevent fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, and leathery skin, you need to wear sunscreen each day and avoid excessive sun exposure. A spray tan costs far less in the long run, looks fantastic, and won’t jeopardise your health or appearance.

A year-round tan

If you wish you could have that healthy tanned look all year long, a spray tan is for you. Cold weather is no obstacle for a spray tan – just book an appointment and drive to the salon. There, in a comfortable, climate-controlled environment, you can maintain your healthy glow year-round to love the way you look and feel.

Smooth, even application

Believe it or not, a spray tan can look even more natural than a traditional tan. That’s because when you tan in the sun, you won’t always end up with even coverage. Your knees may be darker or redder than the rest of your legs, or you could end up with odd tan lines that show in certain clothes. A spray tan goes on smoothly and evenly with a fine mist so that you can wear anything you like and show off perfect, uniform colour.

Where to Get a Full Body Spray Tan in Brunswick, Fitzroy, or Thornbury

A spray tan is a convenient, safe way to get the colour you want without spending hours baking in the sun. At Honey Wax and Tan, we offer spray tans, waxing, eyebrow extensions and tinting, and more in our modern and hygienic salon. For a full body spray tan in Fitzroy, Brunswick, or Thornbury, contact us today to book your service. We love pampering our clients and making them feel beautiful!



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