You No Longer need to be the Sweater Guy. Consider Male Waxing in Thornbury

Some men have the genetic misfortune to be covered in a thick coat of body hair. When you were a teenager, you thought it was cool, because you had body hair before any of your friends and saw it as a sign of maturity and masculinity. Now you have grown somewhat tired of the jokes from your friends when you take your shirt off at the beach, pool or in a locker room. How many times have they jokingly asked you why you wore that heavy black sweater to the beach after you took your shirt off? You've heard them all. "Hey, at least you don't need sunscreen. The sun's rays can't get through that sweater!" Not to mention the old "At least you don't get cold in the winter!"

You know that they are just kidding, but after a million times, the act has grown cold. You have become accustomed to being the last one in your group to take your shirt off on a hot day. There is a solution. Male waxing in Thornbury. In one convenient visit to Honey Wax and Tan, you can have that unsightly hair removed with male waxing. We offer a variety of waxing packages, so you can decide which areas you want to have waxed. Whether individual body parts or an entire body wax, give us a call to set up an appointment that will fit your busy schedule. Trade in that sweater for smooth, sexy skin. Then see how long it takes your friends to notice the next time you go to the beach. When they say something, just wink and tell them that “Honey” is taking care of that sweater for you!

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