A little spray tan in Brunswick makes a big difference in beauty

You cringe as you put on your summer shorts. You have no choice but to wear them because it’s simply too sweltering to dress in pants. You may be vain, but not that vain! Still, you can't help but feel self-conscious when you look in your mirror, and a glaringly white reflection stares back at you.

As you make your way through the city from place to place running errand after errand, you are acutely aware of your white legs not to mention those spider veins.

Many women have foregone their days of basking in the sun to achieve that perfect, bronzy tan. With all we know and understand about sun damage today, even pasty white hues seem preferable to premature ageing.

You don’t have to make a lesser-of-two-evils choice! At Honey Wax and Tan we offer beautiful spray tans in Brunswick. Our modern salon is located only minutes from the city and offers after hours and evening appointments to accommodate any schedule.

Your spray tan in Brunswick will give you a gorgeous and natural all-over glow. Your colour will be even toned and long lasting. Our products are the highest quality, so it will feel wonderful on your skin – not sticky or pasty but utterly natural.

Your quick and simple spray tan in Brunswick offers profound results. Your skin will look and feel healthy, and you will feel more confident with your glowing colour.

Your smart choice to stay safe from harmful rays doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel when it comes to beauty. An expert spray tan application provided by our beauty therapist will transform your skin. Achieving a similar look “naturally” would take countless hours enduring harmful rays and ultimately cause wrinkles and other skin damage. The choice is simple: a gorgeous spray tan in Brunswick!

Call us for your spray tan in Brunswick today. Get your beach glow in minutes and feel gorgeous for days!

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