The Benefits of Bronzing Your Skin with a Spray Tan in Thornbury

Now that the hot Australian summer is upon us, you might be excited by the thought of bronzing your skin so you can head to the beach in style. Relaxing in the sun while your skin starts to glow can be a good way to unwind, but it’s also dangerous if you expose yourself to the sun’s UV rays for too long. It’s a good idea to use protective sun lotions and cosmetic products to reduce the impact of the hot sun on your skin, though there is a much easier way to become tanned without having to bake in the sun at all.

A spray tan in Thornbury carried out by a trained beauty therapist can give you a long-lasting golden glow that you’ll feel proud to show off at the beach. While you can purchase fake tan from many stores, you’ll struggle to give yourself the same professional finish as a beauty therapist. If you have a spray tan in Thornbury, you can have your summer body ready in a matter of minutes without having to expose yourself to the sun for hours. Plus, provided you choose a dependable therapist, there’s nothing dangerous about having a spray tan.

At Honey Wax and Tan, our professional beauty therapists can give you a spray tan in Thornbury that will make you proud of your appearance, and we also offer a waxing service to ensure you’re fully prepared to proudly wear your bikini next time you head to the beach. We’re conveniently located near the city centre and can schedule appointments during the weekends and after-hours, so give us a call today to take the first step towards looking amazing for the summer.

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